I am a PhD student in logic working and studying at the Department of Computing, Mathematics and Physics, Bergen University College and at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.

My supervisor is Thomas Ågotnes. I am associated with LII research group and DISTECH research project. Before I came to Norway I studied philosophy, history of art, economics and computer science at the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities (MISH), University of Warsaw where I graduated in October 2009 with a degree in philosophy. My MA thesis “On Tableau systems for some modal logics” was supervised by Joanna Golińska-Pilarek. I also spent two semesters as an exchange student at KU Leuven.

My current research interest include: coordination and cooperation in multi-agent systems, strategic logics, cooperative game theory, network flow problems; or in more general terms: cs.MA, cs.GT, cs.LO, cs.AI, math.LO.



  • Fall 2013 — teaching the Grid Systems course (MOD351) together with Bjarte Kileng (at HiB).
  • Spring 2013 — teaching Model-driven Software Engineering course (MOD350) together with Kent Simonsen, Yngve Lamo, Xiaoliang Wang and Gabriele Taentzer (at HiB).
  • Fall 2012 — teaching Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Computer Programming course (MAT101) together with Jon Eivind Vatne (at HiB).
  • Spring 2012 — TA for the Modelling and verification of concurrent systems course (MOD259) together with Lars Kristensen, Yngve Lamo and Xiaoliang Wang (at HiB).
  • Fall 2011 — TA for the Grid Systems course (MOD351) together with Hege Erdal and Bjarte Kileng (at HiB).
  • Spring 2011 — teaching the Advanced Algorithms course (TOD133) together with Adrian Rutle (at HiB).
  • Fall 2010 — TA for the Grid Systems course (MOD259) at Bergen University College; together with Hege Erdal and Håvard Helstrup (at HiB).
  • Fall 2009 — TA for the introductory logic course for pedagogics students together with Joanna Golińska-Pilarek (at Pedagogium College).