Hi, I’m Piotr! 👋 I work as a researcher at HiB a systems developer at Cloudreach a software developer at SUSE. This is my personal website, where I write about some of the things that matter to me, which can be anything from functional programming to philosophy of religion and bicycles. It also means that all opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of my employer, and that this site is in no way endorsed by any third-party.

I hold a PhD in Information Science from the University of Bergen, and I used to work on logical and game-theoretic foundations of multi-agent systems. If you’re curious about my academic work, take a look at some of my papers, or look me up on DBLP.

I live in the lovely city of Warsaw Leuven Bergen Munich, where I enjoy good jazz concerts, beautiful parks, easily reachable Alps and lakes, and of course fine Bavarian Weissbier.

I am engaged married to the best philosopher in the world.

I keep my complete resume always up to date (or at least I try).


The best way to contact me is by email (me at the domain of this site), but you can also find me on twitter.

(last updated: February 2017)